Canadian honey


100% Ontario sweet goodness

Canadian honey is recognized around the world for its high quality and Sunderland Hives is proud to play a starring role. Quality is in our nature

Did you know that Canada’s honey yield is twice the world’s average?

That’s not surprising considering that Canada’s wide open spaces, pristine, clean natural environment and weather offer perfect conditions for nectar production. Long days of summer sunshine provide access to bountiful flowering crops that attract a growing number of honeybees.

Produced locally by dedicated and hard working beekeepers it takes a lot of work to make the quality Ontario honey for you to enjoy. Discover unique goodness of Sunderland Hives honey today. Our honeybees farm is located in the region around Sunderland, Ontario is rolling farmland, with dense first-growth deciduous forests and rich agricultural soil. In Ontario you will discover a range of wonderful honeys. Ontario honey comes in various colours and flavours. The colour and flavour of a batch of honey will depend on what flowers were available to the bees at the time when they were gathering the nectar. Ontario's distinctive tasting honey is derived from floral sources such as clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, goldenrod, basswood and summer flowers. For Ontario’s beekeepers, honey harvest starts in late May and progresses through to September with the honey colour deepening throughout the summer. The deeper the colour, the more minerals can be found in the honey. Clover and canola are the key flowering species in July, while purple asters and goldenrod are the mainstay for August. It’s common for Ontario 100 % pure honey to be labeled “wildflowers” or “summerblossom” because it is derived from so many plant species. You can also be confident that our honey has not been heated to high temperatures. Raw honey retains all its natural goodness that we all associate with honey, that the heat in processing destroys.

Honey made from only one flower source has a distinctive flavour and colour. Beekeepers often keep beehives where the bees have access to only one type of flower in order for the bees to create these wonderfully flavoured honeys. Some examples of Ontario flower honeys are clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, basswood, golden rod and summer flowers. The nectar source of these flowering plants also affects the colour of the honey. Lighter coloured honeys will have a milder taste whereas darker coloured honeys will have a stronger flavour. White honey is gathered from clovers, basswood and canola. Golden honey, with its own distinctive flavour, comes from goldenrod and other fall flowers. Amber (or dark) honey, which is the strongest flavour, is primarily gathered from the buckwheat flower.

Our emphasis was always on the taste and aroma characteristics of honey we produced that is why our customers have always chosen our products ever since they have chosen it ones. In Ontario, we are known for our unpasteurized, raw multifloral golden honey which is produced from the nectar of a wide range of wild flowering plants. When bees first emerge from the hives, they are attracted to the nectar of swamp maples and other budding trees, then move on to dandelions and fruit trees. Our honey is carefully selected for purity, flavour and colour. With our experience, you can be confident that you are buying a quality product. Our honey packing plant is registered with and inspected by the Canada Food Inspection Agency and enjoy a top rating.

Our beekeepers are members of The Ontario Beekeepers' Association (OBA). The Ontario Beekeepers' Association was established in 1881. It is one of the oldest established farm organizations in Ontario. It was founded even before the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The "100% Ontario Honey" logo has been developed for every beekeeper in Ontario.  The logo can be used on all of products that contain 100% Ontario Honey. The Ontario Beekeepers' Association controls the use of the logo and stipulates conditions for this use.

The Ontario Beekeepers' Association (OBA) wants to let you know a very BIG secret! Ontario bees and Ontario beekeepers produce some of the best honey in the world and it's available to you through OBA members and retail stores in Ontario that support local beekeepers. Look for the new 100% Ontario Honey Logo to ensure you are getting quality 100% Ontario Honey. Honey can be in liquid form, creamed or in honey combs.

The safety and quality of Canadian honey is second to none. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, through the Honey Regulations of the Canada Agricultural Products Act, ensures that Canadian honey producers meet strict federal standards. Canadians take great pride in their honey production standards. Indeed, the industry not only meets ISO (international) standards for honey production, it exceeds them.